Chance of winning the Dutch State Lottery

For many people becoming a millionaire is a dream that will probably never come true. Or are we too negative? There is definitely a chance to win a big Lottery prize. How big is your winning chance when you play in the Dutch State Lottery?

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Which lottery in The Netherlands is most likely to win in 2023?

The probability of winning a prize in the State Lottery varies by draw and in 2023 is on average 51.6% across all 16 draws. This means that on average 51.6% of the lottery numbers sold have a prize of at least €5 (whole lot). So the chance of winning a prize, when participating in 16 draws, is a whopping 1 in 2! That is the highest chance of winning of all Dutch lotteries.

The chance of winning a prize higher than your own investment varies per draw and is 13.7% in 2023. This is an average across all 16 draws.

The National Lottery

Almost every Dutch citizen knows the Dutch State Lottery, in Dutch known language known as the ‘Staatsloterij’. It has thousands participants and organizes special draws, including one during New Years Eve. The history of the Dutch State Lottery goes long back. It’s one of the oldest lotteries in the Netherlands. It’s first draw was organized in The Hague in 1726. Place to be was the Ridderzaal, a place that still exists today. In the Middle Ages several lotteries were organized. However, most of them were illegal. By establishing the State Lottery, the government hoped that the illegal lotteries would disappear. The main prize back then was worth 30.000 euros. Back then it was a great amount of money, comparable to millions today.

Try your luck with scratchcards
There are several possibilities to win money with the National Lottery. For example, try your luck with the so called ‘December scratchcards’. It’s great fun to scratch and see if you’ve won something. The winning chance of these scratchcards is 50 percent. This sounds a lot, but most players win a small prize of 5, 10 or 15 euro. The chance that you win 10.000 euros in the National Lottery is 1:98.000. Just two players can win 100.000 euros. If you realize that about 2.4 lottery tickets are sold, then you know that the winning chance of 1: is incredibly small.

Oudejaarstrekking: important draw in December
One of the most important draws of the National Lottery is the so-called ‘Oudejaarstrekking’. It can add millions of euros to his or her bank account. During the last days of December thousands of people purchase a ticket. Winning would be a good way to end the year! A ticket is not very cheap though. A complete ticket with Jackpot costs 30 euros and 26 euros without. Half a ticket is a possibility as well. In that case you win half of the prize if your lottery ticket has the matching numbers. A tip is to purchase several tickets at the same time. This increases your winning chances during the Oudejaarsloterij.

Winning chances in the National Lottery

The National Lottery only draws the tickets that are sold. To win millions you need to have a complete ticket though. If this is not the case, the prize money will be divided in several prizes of one million each. A big advantage of the National Lottery is the fact that your chance of winning a prize is pretty big, about 50-50. However, it’s not easy to win a big amount of money, let alone the Jackpot. Just take a look at the statistics. The lottery uses 4.9 million lottery numbers in total. If all these tickets are sold, you have a chance of 1:98.000 to win 10.000 euros. The winning chance with an amount of 25.000 euro or 100.000 euro is even smaller, namely 1:490.000. If Lady Fortune is really at your side you could win the Jackpot of 30 million euros. The winning chance of 1: Very small, but you just have to beat the odds!

December is the best month to win
You have the biggest chance of winning a nice amount of money with the National Lottery in December, namely 1:2. A big advantage of this lottery is the fact that you know exactly how many prizes there are. Your winning chances are also very clear. On the other hand, the lottery tickets aren’t very cheap. So it’s totally up to you what you want. Paying 30 euros for a ticket might be worth it.

Luckyday prizes and win opportunities

You can play Luckyday with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 lucky numbers. You determine the chances of winning by choosing the number of numbers you want to play. However, the more numbers you play with, the higher the prize you can win.

Payout rate 51.7%
Chances of winning the jackpot 1 in 454,497,270
Odds of winning at least your stake 1 in 3.9

Postcode Lottery

Perhaps you prefer the Postcode Lottery above the National Lottery and Bank Giro Lottery because of the fact that the prizes are even bigger. It has thousands of participants every month. ‘Postcode’ is the Dutch word for ‘zip code’. It means that everyone participates with his or her zip code. The Postcode Lottery organizes fourteen draws a year. One every month, and two extra in August and December.

PostcodeKanjer or EindejaarsKanjer
The Postcode Lottery offers several big prizes. Try your luck with the PostcodeKanjer for example. You might win 500 euros or more, but, the winning chance is quite small with 1:521. Not as small as the winning chance of the so-called ‘EindejaarsKanjer’. At the end of the year Postcode Lottery players can win an astonishing amount of 48 million euros! The millions are given to an area with the same zip code. So the winners have to share the prize money. However, winners who participate many times will be rewarded with a bigger portion of the prize money. Perhaps your dream will come true this year, but don’t forget that the chance of winning 48 million is only 1:235.000. So we wish you the best of luck!

Other prizes besides money
A great thing about the Postcode Lottery is that it offers great prizes besides money. You could win a bike or computer for example. Most people have won ice cream at least one time. In this lottery you always play with two tickets. These tickets aren’t very cheap, namely 10,25 euro each. It’s also possible to double your prize money with the so-called ‘Straatprijsverdubbelaar’. This option costs 1,25 euros more. Not all the revenues of the Postcode Lottery are meant for the organization. 50 percent of the revenues is given to several charities.


The Lotto is one of the most well-known lotteries in the world. It’s incredibly popular because a ticket only costs 2 euros, and 1 euro more when you want to have a chance on winning 200.000 euros. A good reason to try it out! One of the great things about the Lotto is the fact that you can decide your own lottery numbers. You need to choose the numbers from a range of 1 to 45. Also pick one of the six Jackpot colors . Perhaps your favorite number or color will bring you luck.

How do you win the Lotto?
To win two numbers and the Jackpot color need to match your ticket. Don’t count your blessings yet, because the chance of winning this is 1:400. You never know! Do you have six correct numbers? Congratulations, because then you’re the lucky winner of 1 million euros! Your life will definitely chance if the Lotto color is correct as well, because in that case 7.5 million euros is yours.

Rules for high prizes
The Lotto uses several rules that might decrease your chance of winning a big amount of money. For example, if several players win at least 100.000 euros, they need to share the prize. Besides that, you need to pay 29 percent taxes over prizes higher than 454 euros. Most players are aware of the taxes and small winning chance of lotteries. of However, people still participate because they don’t want to miss out the chance of becoming a millionaire.