Draws and results 2023

What are the results of the most popular Dutch and foreign lotteries? See the results of your Lotto lottery at trekkingsuitslag.com.

Results of the Dutch National Lottery at the 1st and 10th of 2023.

The draws of the National Lottery, the biggest lottery in the Netherlands, always take place at the 10th of the month. Besides the draws you can also win extra prizes on special occasions like Kingsday. The last big Jackpot hit of 26,1 million euros took place at July 10 in the province of Groningen.
Click here to see the last draw of the Netherlands National Lottery.

The next results are known at January 10, 2023. Did you win nothing? Then purchase a new lottery ticket for the draw on February 10 or March 10.

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New Year’s Eve draw

Click here to see the results for the draw on New Year’s Eve (January 1, 2024)

Advantages of the Dutch National Lottery:

– Biggest prize money in the Netherlands
– The prize money is tax-free
– The results are public
– You can cancel your subscription every month
– Results Orange Lottery
– Results Miljoenenspel

Results of Miljoenenspel

The results of ‘Miljoenenspel’ are announced every Saturday. You can find the results on the day of the draw online at the website of Miljoenenspel or at NOS Teletext page 550, from 9.30 p.m.

Results of the National Postcode Lottery

Most of the time the draws of the Dutch National Lottery also take place in the weekend, at the 8th of the month. Every Saturday the winning zip code with a prize 100.000 euros is drawn.
At Sunday the lottery gives away the ‘Street Prize’ of 25.000 euros per lottery ticket + a BMW car.
Every business day we announce the winning zip code, which has a prize of 1000 euros per ticket.
See the results of the Dutch Postcode Lottery here.

On the last day of every month, players can enter the National Postcode Lottery for a chance to win. The next draw was 30 June 2023, followed by the July draw on 1 August 2023 and then the August draw on 4 September 2023. The last draw is 1 January 2024 – this is when players can enter the lottery held before all other draws. Every first of the month, the results of the monthly draws are published at 200 Beethoven Street. There may be changes to these results.

Live results of the EuroJackpot

Watch the live results of Europe’s biggest lottery with this link. It takes place every Friday in Finland.

Lotto results

The Lotto results are being announced every Saturday on the television channel SBS 6. You can also find the winning numbers on the website.

The results of the draws from January to December can be found on the website of the lottery provider. The results from 2019 and 2020 can be found here.
See the Lotto results here.

Results of the Friends Lottery in 2023

The draw of the Friends Lottery takes place at the 8th of every month, just like the Postcode Lottery. See the last results here. Every Sunday evening around 7.20 p.m you can see Wolter Kroes, Lucille Werner and other Friends making winners happy with the Friends Lottery prizes.

Results of EuroMillions

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday in the French capital Paris. You cannot watch the results live, but it’s possible to watch the TV broadcast afterwards. Of course it’s also possible to see the internet.

Results of BankGiro

The BankGiro Lottery organizes a draw once a month. Between the draws of January and February, July and August and October and November are three extra draws. The lottery calls this the ‘thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth’ draw. So in total the BankGiro Loterij has 15 different draws.

Teletext Lottery

At Teletext can always see the results immediately. The games of chance can be found from page 540 to 564. Below you’ll find a short summary of the numbers of the lottery. See the Teletext page over here.
550 – Miljoenenspel
551 – Friends Lottery
552 – Zonnebloem
554 – Euro Jackpot
555 – Lotto
556 + 57 – Toto horsebetting
558 – Equestrian sports and riding
559 – Jantje Beton
560 – Toto Select
561 – Toto Score
562 – Toto13
563 – Millions League
564 – Toto Tip

When are the next results of the Dutch National Lottery announced?

The draw always takes place at the 10th of the month. In 2023 these are the following dates:

– January 1st (New Year’s Eve draw)
– January 10
– February 10
– March 10
– April 10
– April 27 (Kingsday)
– May 10
– June 10